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The Print Research Foundation will no longer offer exhibition catalogues for sale. However, certain catalogues from exhibitions of prints from the collection of Reba and Dave Williams can be purchased through this website:

The available catalogues are:

Forgotten Etchers: Nineteenth-Century Prints, From the Collection of Reba and Dave Williams, 1998, 9" x 6", 42 pages, 14 black-and-white reproductions, essay by Lauren B. Hewes, biographies of more than 40 artists. This small, beautifully designed catalogue fills in gaps in the general understanding of printmakers who created intaglio prints of landscapes, figures, cityscapes, and portraits in the 19th century. The documentation of so many impressive graphic images reminds readers that history is an arbitrary filter of information. $7 + shipping and handling

Contacting Pablo Picasso: The Influence of Picasso on American Printmakers, From the Collection of Reba and Dave Williams, 2003, 8" x 11", 18 pages, four black-and-white reproductions, essay, notes on 56 prints included in the exhibition. This catalogue offers a discussion of Pablo Picasso's influence on American printmakers of the 20th century. It quotes artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Gabor Peterdi, Max Weber, Alexander Calder, and Marguerite Zorach, who acknowledge the impact of Picasso's graphic images on their artwork. $10 + shipping and handling

Alone in a Crowd: Prints of the 1930s-40s by African-American Artists, From the Collection of Reba and Dave Williams, 1993, 9" x 11", 60 pages, 27 black-and-white reproductions, eight color reproductions, essays by M. Stephen Doherty, Lowery Stokes Sims, Reba and Dave Williams, and Leslie King-Hammond, biographies of more than 40 artists. This catalogue documents a period of time when black artists were given their first significant opportunity to learn printmaking techniques. Studios that were set up under the auspices of the Works Progress Administration in Cleveland, Philadelphia, Boston, and other locations offered instruction to those artists, and charitable organizations such as the Rosenwald Foundation made it possible for the artists to travel and study outside the United States. The publication is a unique document of an important social and artistic development. $15 + shipping and handling

The Mexican Muralists and Prints, From the Collection of Reba and Dave Williams, 1990, 12" x 9", 44 pages, 22 black-and-white reproductions, essay by Reba and Dave Williams, biographies of the artists, and an exhibition checklist. The catalogue documents the cross-pollination of ideas and images between the artwork created by the Mexican muralists and the Mexican printmakers who worked from the 1920s through the 1940s. It also shows evidence of the influence that art had on artists from other countries who worked with the Mexican artists, including Elizabeth Catlett, George Biddle, Stephen Dimitroff, Lucienne Bloch, and Will Barnet. $10 + shipping and handling

American Screenprints, From the Collection of Reba and Dave Williams, 1991, 9" x 9", 64 pages, 41 color reproductions, essay by Reba and Dave Williams, biographies of the artists, and a checklist of the exhibition. Screenprints-or silk-screen prints, as they are commonly known-are most closely associated with Pop artists of the 1960s, such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, but the medium captivated the attention of artists from the late 1920s through the 1950s when it was appropriated from the commercial printing industry. This catalogue describes that early development and reproduces prints by Ben Shahn, Charles Burchfield, Reginald Marsh, Jackson Pollock, and others. $15 + shipping and handling

The Prints of Luigi Rist, 1995, 8" x 11", 40 pages, 36 black-and-white reproductions, 16 color reproductions, essay by Reba and Dave Williams. Louis G. Rist (1888-1959), was an American printmaker who created beautiful woodcut prints that won major awards in the 1940s and 1950s. The first essay in this catalogue covers Rist's biography, including his education and exhibition record, and it is followed by a description of Rist's working methods and his system of publishing editions, numbering the individual prints, as well as dating and signing his prints. Much of the information about Rist is based on published articles and an unpublished book by Barbara Whipple, a frequent contributor to American Artist until her death in 1989. $15 + shipping and handling

The Sight of Music, From the Collection of Reba and Dave Williams, 1999, 11" x 7", 36 pages, three color reproductions, six black-and-white reproductions, essay by Reba and Dave Williams. All the images mentioned or reproduced in this catalogue have to do with musical themes, including portraits of famous musicians, specific pieces of music or instruments, locations associated with styles of music, or anonymous performers. They include prints made by Jasper Johns, Thomas Hart Benton, Chuck Close, Andy Warhol, and others. $7 + shipping and handling




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